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Tabs is an Exceptional Resource for RESEARCH

With the explosive growth in Therapeutic Antibody development, the chances that your antibody is the only one against a given antigen are diminishing.

In fact, only 20% of the antibodies currently in Tabs are alone in the antigen they bind to.

Understanding the approaches used to develop competing antibodies – their successes and failures – can be of tremendous value in advancing your therapeutic.

Tabs is the most comprehensive data resource on Therapeutics Antibodies available and can help drive your research forward.

Papers AND Patents

The scientific literature on therapeutic antibodies tends to focus on clinical trials rather than the details of pre-clinical development. For that, you need the Patents.

The obtuse and arcane language of patents can be off-putting to many researchers, but buried in the text of these filings, one can find details of antibody sequences, assay protocols, epitopes and much more.

Published patent filings are typically the first public disclosure of new antibodies, often preceding conference abstracts or clinical trials by many months or even years.

Keeping on top of related patents can help direct your own research and, of course, will save you considerable effort when the time comes to file your own patents.

But tracking down patents that are relevant is tedious and difficult – and expensive, if your attorneys do the work for you.

Tabs records papers and patents related to each antibody in the database with direct links to the documents on patent office sites.

Furthermore, by data mining patent filings that disclose novel antibodies, Tabs identifies all the antibodies that target each antigen as soon as they are disclosed.

Names and Numbers

As antibodies move through from discovery through pre-clinical assessment and into clinical trials, the names by which they are identified will typically change

Trying to find patents related to an antibody from the name used in a clinical trial can be near impossible.

Tabs records the names used for each molecule throughout the entire development process and considerable effort is taken to minimize any ambiguity – again, saving you time and effort.

Focused Solely on Therapeutic Antibodies

Conventional Biotech databases lack both the focus and the depth of original data to be of much practical use in our field – Tabs covers Therapeutic Antibodies and nothing else.

Tabs offers unrivaled coverage with almost 2000 antibodies at all stages of development, against more than 750 Antigens and being developed by more than 600 companies.

Each antibody record is linked to relevant patents, papers, clinical trials, sequences, etc. that number around 20,000 in total.

Furthermore, Tabs is constantly updated with new data – the number of records added in the past week is right there on the Home Page.

Tabs is the most comprehensive database on Therapeutic Antibodies available

A Unique View of Antibodies in Pre-Clinical Development

Nearly Two Thirds of all therapeutic antibodies are in pre-clinical development. If you are only looking at Abs that are in trials or on company web sites then you are only seeing part of the picture.

By mining the Patent literature, Tabs can identify novel antibodies, in early stage development, months or years before they are formally announced.

This is a Unique insight that you simply cannot afford to ignore.

Easy To Learn – Easy To Use

If you’ve been frustrated with the clunky interfaces of other biotech databases then you’ll appreciate Tabs.

We’ve designed the front end to take to you quickly to the data that you need, combining useful summaries, detailed views and links to all the original data.

The database will pay for itself in the time you save researching a single target.

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An Example – Antibodies against IL-6

Let’s say you want to see the competitive landscape of antibodies against IL-6

1: Use the flexible Search tools to select the antibodies of interest

2: Store that selection in an Antibody Set

Sets provide a convenient way to access and browse relevant Antibodies and the overview page provides a basic view of developments

3: View a summary of the Abs and drill down for detailed information on each antibody

4: For more detail view the comparative graphic of progress for all mAbs in a set.

5: View the associated data for All members of your set and Download to Excel.

Import citations for relevant papers directly into common reference manager software such as Papers or Mendeley

Stay Up To Date with Email Notification

New records are added to the database all the time – you need a way to keep up with what’s new

Whenever relevant new data is added to the system, Tabs will send you an email that links you directly to those records.

Most Biotech news services give you Press Releases and commentary – but Tabs Notification takes you to the original data.

Notification is included in your company subscription – no extra charge

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